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Lifetime Warranty & Maintenance Free! Granite Countertops By Granite Shield
Baltic Brown
Blue Pearl
Emerald Pearl
Giallo Veneziano
Uba Tuba
Juparana Bordeaux
Juparana Columbo
Santa Cecilia
White Springs
Example of granite colors. Many more available upon request including exotic colors.
Granite available in any color that will match your color scheme.
Granite Shield Countertops

In home kitchen and bath design available. Includes certified kitchen designers,
custom granite, cabinets, sinks, faucets, stone and tile flooring, professional stone sealing
and restoration services available for residential and commercial, a full line of products to maintain stone, grout, glass and stainless steel.
Click here for more video demonstrations of the sealing process
Granite Shield has granite fabricators throughout the
United States, Canada, New Zealand & Australia.
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GS Delmarva Distributing
Granite Shield Countertops Inc.
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Granite Shield Countertops Inc.
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